In our Montana location we offer extensive renovation services. We don't just renovate your Kitchens and Baths. All aspects of renovation is our specialty. From finishing an area you already have to adding onto your existing home.

Garage Renovation

A customer of ours had a garage that was the final area to be renovated in the home. For years it was the collect all area and needed a serious face lift. After an extensive home renovation there where lots of new pipes and ducting that need to be covered. So with some serious thought and planning we re-framed all the walls and boxed the venting and pipes.


Have an older home that needs a new roof? On this particular home the original trusses where not going to hold up much longer. Rather than tearing off the old trusses and having to move wiring, plumbing and replace all the sheetrock on the ceiling, we had trusses engineered to go over the top of the existing one's. This saved an enormous amount of time and money.